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Dog Perform: An activity during which the submissive can take around the part of a Puppy dog, as by barking, strolling on all fours, and in some cases even sleeping inside a doghouse or cage. See linked

The definitions provided here mirror the usage I am most acquainted with. Some terms incorporate commentary; anything at all pursuing the word Commentary implies my own sights on a selected issue, and should not be assumed to generally be part of the official definition.

PRIMAL Participate in: A style of BDSM emphasizing tough, raw, animalistic passion. It may well include things like features for instance wrestling, biting, or anxiety Engage in. It often also won't involve fixed roles of domination or submission, but rather may perhaps contain people difficult each other to the dominant position.

FIDDLE: A style of restraint consisting of a short metal rod which has a locking collar, normally product of metallic, affixed to 1 close plus a set of locking cuffs on the opposite, or simply a rigid yoke with openings for the neck on a person end along with the wrists on the opposite. Utilized to bind the wrists with each other and stop liberty of movement on the hands and arms.

In certain D/s associations, the dominant partner will practice the submissive partner to orgasm on command, having a phrase or even a gesture, but devoid of remaining touched physically.

FEEDER GAG: 1. Any gag meant to keep the mouth open up in order that the individual wearing the gag has no choice but to accept something which happens to be placed within the mouth. 2. See

also, IMPREGNATION FETISH: A sort of sexual expression centered about a fixtion on impregnating a lady, which can also consist of fixation on other points Commonly related to pregnancy or childbirth, like lactation or maybe the Actual physical improvements in the body that accompany pregnancy.

BOLERO STRAITJACKET: A specific kind of straitjacket developed with a gap from the entrance to show the wearer's breasts.

LACING: 1. The observe of utmost corsetry; specially, really restricted corsetry accomplished as being a method of physique modification. 2. A selected and unusual style of bondage done by suturing a Component of your body to or about a hard and fast object.

INFANTILISM: A sort of role Participate in through which one of many Grownup individuals requires over the function of the infant, and could be wearing diapers, suck on a pacifier, and so on. See also age Enjoy; see article source relevant adult baby.

INFLATION: A exercise involving injecting saline Option in to the scrotum to "inflate" the scrotal sac, at times to an exceptionally substantial extent. Commentary:

CONSENSUAL NON-CONSENT: Any condition in which a single particular person knowingly and voluntarily provides up the ability to prevent Yet another man or woman from doing regardless of what she or he needs; as, such as, intentionally participating in functions which the submissive may very well be physically prevented from resisting and does not have a secure term. Some forms of rape Engage in are consensual non-consent. Commentary:

BALL PRESS; also, BALL CRUSHER: A device with two flat parts, frequently made from wood, steel, or acrylic, that happen to be put on both sides on the testicles, along with a screw system which lets them being tightened, compressing the testicles. Utilised being a method of cock and ball torture.

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